Tuesday 26 April 2016

Sky Blue Enclosed Case

This is a quick post to announce a new case for the current Bluetooth model of the BlueFlyVario. 

Over the past few years the Bluetooth models of the BlueFly have shipped with translucent blue prototype case. I first choose that as an interim measure almost three years ago.While the prototype case does a good job, most pilots are much more comfortable with a fully enclosed case. 

The image below shows the recently arrived box of sky blue plastic injected cases. The are designed to comfortably fit the v11 and v10 Bluetooth models, with cut outs for the battery and usb connector. 

I will post a much more comprehensive install guide for the BlueFlyVario_Blueooth_v11 into the new case in the coming week or so. In the meantime this is how it looks when installed. From today all BlueFlyVario_Bluetooth_v11 will ship with the new case.