Friday, 3 October 2014

BlueFlyVario_Bluetooth_v9 Released

I have been shipping the BlueFlyVario_Bluetooth_v9 for a while but did not get a chance to blog about it. This is only a minor update to Version 8. A summary of the important changes from earlier versions is listed below:

Hardware Changes
  • I have added a small battery connector (Molex 1.25 mm) instead of soldering the battery to the board. The wires now wrap around the edge of a board in a small milled slot. This makes assembly a bit quicker and will allow users to change batteries without soldering.
Firmware Changes
  • The firmware now has a minor and major version. The $VER* command now responds with '$BFV MAJOR MINOR*'. The firmware version is currently 9.4.
  • I have included a bootloader. It is a slightly modified version of the ds30loader. At some stage I will blog about how to use the bootloader to update the firmware from a pc.
The circuit diagram and PCB layout for this release are shown below:

The way ahead

I am planning the version 10 hardware lineup with three models based on the primary external interface. These will probably incorporate a button instead of a slide switch. They are some months away I think.:

  • A Bluetooth model with battery similar to this model - designed for integration with Android devices. 
  • A TTL with GPS modules - designed for integration with devices such as the Kobo. 
  • A new USB model with battery - designed for stand alone use. 


  1. Is there any chance of a Bluetooth model with barometer and gps?

    I love android apps like xctrack or flyme, but with the screen and the gps on most phone batteries aren't up to the task.

    Also this module could work in the future as an autonomous gps logger.

    In any case, big thanks for your great work and affordable solutions!

    1. I have considered adding the GPS to the Bluetooth version, but it will not be included in the next release. Perhaps in the future if I do an all in one device which also has logging there will be both GPS and Bluetooth.

    2. Have you considered purchasing an external battery pack for your phone? That solved the problem for me.

  2. I have one but never used it flying as it was fiddly with my current setup. Will try, thanks.