Friday 30 August 2013

Where are BlueFlyVarios?

After the last post a few people asked me where all the BlueFlyVarios have gone. I did a little analysis that I feel is worthwhile sharing. The graph below shows which countries the first 142 units of prototype version 0.6b have been sent to.  It is not entirely accurate as there are a few of them which I have sent to someone to pass on to others. Also it does not capture the 40 or so units of earlier prototypes. About 20 of the most recently orders ones would still be in the post. Still, it is interesting.

It is unsurprising that over a third of them have gone to Australians. A lot of these have gone to friends (thanks guys!) and friends of friends. The one to Antarctica should probably also be counted as an Australian as he is down there for work. It would be cool to see a picture of it in use over the ice. If you group Australia with NZ, US, CAN and UK then you can see around 60% of the various have gone to countries that use English as the primary language. I guess that is probably a result of how the word gets around and that my blog posts, facebook page and app are all only published in English.

European countries represent about 40% of the total. This was bumped up recently with half a dozen to a German pilot. In recent weeks I have seen increase interest from continental Europe.

It is nice to see a pair going to Israel and Iran. I do not really want to make comments on international politics, but I do like the fact that a love of paragliding is shared by many nations.

Ten going to Reunion was a bit of a surprise. I did not really know much about that French island off the coast of Africa prior to the order. It is now on my list of places I must visit for a flying holiday.

And last, thanks to my mate Jim who is doing it tough in the Philippines for a few years.