Tuesday 22 January 2013


I have been out of action for a few weeks after a nasty towing accident that resulted in my broken neck and other relatively minor broken bones. A full recovery is expected but it will be a number of months. 

I have shipped all back orders, made enough extra prototypes to satisfy demand up to now, and there are still a few more left. With the clarity of thought from relaxing on my back for a while I have decided to continue making prototypes, albeit I will modify the design slightly to make them easier to manufacture at home. I investigated commercial manufacture but all options with quantities less than thousands would end up almost doubling the sale price. So, for now, expect some time in the next few months, a slightly updated prototype design and being able to order more prototypes. 

You can continue to order the current prototype on the website http://alistairdickie.com/blueflyvario