Sunday, 23 December 2012

Android app released under GPL

The android app has now been released under the GPL. You can find the source on GitHub


  1. This is what i was looking for. I'm new on gilding world and really don't want to wast lots of money on new gadgets. I'm an Android entusiast, have a Samsung Galaxy S3 (Cyanogenmod 10.1) and love it. Just install the app and completely customize all windows and colors and values and labels.... Great!!

    Very nice Alastair!!

    Many thanks from Brazil...

  2. A quick note, if the app is running starting xcsoar shuts the app down and removes the blutooth connection. It would be brilliant to use the device with xcsoar.

  3.'s just a stunning device with an incredible customizable app!!!
    It's exactly what most Paragliders are looking for.
    This device makes lot more fun to me then the common products on the market.

    Many thanks from Switzerland!!!

    Chris :-)