Friday, 16 November 2012

More Prototypes

The first batch of prototypes is delivered to testers. There was much more demand than I had anticipated. I have just ordered the components for the next batch. Make sure to contact me if you want one and I will put you on the list. 


  1. Al could yo please put me on your list for the next batch. I've been building a microcontroller engine monitor for my Long EZ but your level of construction is a step beyond mine, for now. I really like your tutorial on soda can etching, I will be trying that soon.

  2. Hi Al.

    Stumbled upon your site and the Bfv today and absolutely love it.
    It is simply brilliant!!
    I am a hang glider pilot from South africa and would love to get my hands on a bluefly Vario to test out.

    I currently use the Gaggle app on my Samsung galaxy to log my flights but since the phone does not have barometric hardware I still have to use my vario as well.

    Your app and bluetooth vario is genius and it will be possible to get this setup to do everything a $1000 vario can do and much more...

    I am very excited about your product - can you tell..?

    1. Yes, I can tell. Send me your email address and I will put you on the notification list.

    2. Thanks Al.
      My address is vanniekerkg at gmail dot com

  3. Hi Al,

    Could you kindly put me on your notification list.

    My email is technopersia "at"

  4. Hi Al, I would like to be a tester.

    I am a mechanical engineer based in Queenstown New zealand. I may be able to design a machined aluminium housing for you if there is not already a solution in place.
    Mail me at guidonz "a t" gmai1 . C 0 m if you are interested.

  5. Could you please add me to the list. Excited to help out if possible.

    kraldavid *at* gmail dot com

  6. Hello,
    I'm programming on the Gaggle app, for now I've mainly worked on getting the geo-maps to work in offline mode (which works quite weel now in Gaggle beta). I'm also looking at your code on Github and find it very interesting. I started programming on Gaggle because I had some thermal hunting idea's too, but haven't gotten to that, because there are other issues in Gaggle that where more directly important to fix. I bought a FlyNet sensor. It works, but it is expensive device and the sound-stuff in Gaggle is not (yet) what it should be. But then you have already crossed those bridges! Obviously both projects are GPL, so I think code could be freely copied between the two project, but for the largest part they seem rather complementary to me: yours is the thermal master, where Gaggle is more XC-navigation oriented etc.
    Would some alignment/integration be interesting to you too?
    Hans van Dam
    web at damsoft dot nl

  7. Hello, I'm a paraglide harness manufacturer, I will be glad to help if possible and also, add me to your waiting list!

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