Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Code on GitHub

I have put the code for the Android app up on GitHub to coincide with the initial release of the app on GooglePlay and the shipment of initial prototypes to testers. If you want to get stuck into editing the code contact me


  1. Hi there,
    a very good project you have started here, do not exclude as the hang glider pilots ;-)

    some info you might find it useful

    1.recently I bough this little solar vario with the swiss made pressure sensor from MEAS that prove excellent sensitivity and stability- worth to try that sensor.
    Its code is open source and can be found at: take a look at it might help.

    2. you know Gaggle and XCsoar android apps, very good live apps, it would be nice to have an appi to integrate your device with them (!forum/gaggle-users ) & ( )

    3. a web site perhaps!

    wishing you all the best

    1. Thanks for the comments. The LeBipBip looks like a great little vario. From the code here it looks like the MS5607 sensor. The MS5611 I use has the same pinout but is a little more sensitive. I would not be surprised if the MS5611 is actually the sensor used.

      I initially wrote the BlueFlyVario app for testing. I wanted particular things that did not need all of the overhead of other apps. It went from there... I will integrate into XCSoar. Probably a few hours work. Not sure about Gaggle, although I am sure it is is possible.

      Website coming. Too many things to do.

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