Sunday 22 May 2011

Building the Alpha Prototype

Moving from the breadboard to the alpha prototype was again much harder than I thought. The most challenging thing was trying to work out where solder had jumped tracks under the board. As part of 'debugging' the circuit I had to take the BMP085 breakout off the protoboard, and in doing so screwed up the breakout. This gave me an opportunity to use my skillet desoldering techniques for recovering an SMD component. With the BMP085 off I put pins on it like the RN-42. This allowed separate access to VDDD and VDDA so I could use a few inductors to isolate the analogue voltage input.

Below are some pics.

The working alpha prototype. The button does nothing - I turn it on an off using the jumper in the top right.
The BMP085. Notice the dodgy free wiring, including a SMD cap that has little pins to get it as close as possible.
It was difficult to avoid jumping tracks on the protoboard. Note the battery wires soldered underneath.