Saturday 8 October 2022

More firmware updates x66

The latest firmware for all v22 models has been uploaded

Changes include:

  • Fixed a significant bug with IGC file recording which was inadvertently introduced in x63 firmware for the models which include IGC memory. If you update to this new x66 firmware make sure to clear your IGC memory by formatting it through the BFVDesktop application.
  • The $XCTOD,Battery%,TempDegC* sentence was added some time ago to improve integration with XCTrack, but I think this is the first time I have documented it. 
    • The sentence is sent from the BlueFly once every ten seconds. 
    • This allows you to add widges in XCTrack for Bluefly battery percent and Bluefly Temperature in Degrees C (as measured by the pressure sensor).
    • See here for how to use this.
  • Minor bug fixes with output text processing. 
  • Little tweaks to improve shutdown performance. 

Follow the firmware update procedures described in this earlier blog post