Sunday, 30 October 2016

New Firmware with Audio Settings updates

This is a quick post to let you know about two new features in the latest firmware released today. You can download the latest version of the firmware from

Audio toggle

After you have turned the vario on with a short press on the button it starts making noise. The vario noises can be turned off by adjusting some of the audio hardware settings, however for many pilots they just want the vario to be quiet until they launch (but still send data to the phone or other device it is connected to). For some time you have been able short press on the button to toggle between silence and noise. A long press turned it off.

With the new feature added in firmware version 11.m13 a short press on the button toggles between 'Audio Off' >> 'Audio On' >> 'Audio Off'.

However, if you have useAudioBuzzer enabled then it toggles between 'Audio Off' >> 'Vario Audio On only' >> 'Vario Audio and Buzzer On' >> 'Audio Off'.

Auto toggle on

In conjunction with the updated audio toggle feature, there is a new feature which automatically toggles the audio back on when lift or sink is greater than the toggleThreshold. This new hardware setting (BTT) means that you can turn the vario on with a short press. Then toggle the audio off (with another short press), then when your flight begins, indicated by lift or sink being greater than toggleThreshold, then the audio will toggle back on.

Manual and BFVDesktop

In conjunction with these features I have updated the hardware settings manual, and the BFVDesktop application


  1. Hello,

    One year ago was released the v11. Is a v12 on track?

    thanks for your work.

    1. I am always working on a few ideas, but no release date yet.

  2. Hi! I am happy owner of a Kobo with BlueFlyVario V10.

    The only drawback I could think of, is the sound. I would love to be able to choose a more agreable sound for the lift up.
    Somthing which could be modulate.

    For ex in this video it's not too bad :

    and in this one the sounds are really nice I think :

    1. Leonard, There are many settings you can adjust on the BlueFly to tweak the sound - the audio frequency, beeping rate, etc. See the hardware settings manual on the support page of the website for more information on what settings are available - If you vario is attached to the Kobo the easiest way to adjust the settings is to use a custom xci file configured the way you like it.
      My original xci file blog post is here: See the section on custom events for where to put the file and how to configure xcsoar to use it.