Sunday 30 June 2013

Blue BlueFlyVarios

Blue Boards

A few weeks ago I got a big batch of blue PCB's. The first few version 6 prototypes were green, but I have been shipping blue ones for a few weeks now and will continue to do so. This is not really a huge deal. There is absolutely no difference in terms of function, but it does look just a little cooler.

Version 6 Prototype Update

The version 6 prototypes are pretty popular. I am shipping about five a week since I announced it just over a month ago. I have enough stock of all major components to continue at this rate for a few months. Although, it will be at least a few days until I get more prototype cases (I have been out of stock for a week). This is the third time I have underestimated the demand and have been caught a little short. 

I predicted that many people would just want to use the version 6 BlueFlyVario in audio mode. This is indeed the case. Some friends have just put the board in its heatshrink in the lining of their helmet. Below is a picture of a batch of the prototypes made up and ready to ship as soon as the prototype cases arrive. 

Blue Cases

Continuing my blue theme, I have ordered a batch of custom translucent blue prototype cases. These will take at least a month or so to arrive. In the mean time I will continue shipping with the transparent case.