Saturday 27 October 2012

Battery Pain

I am still waiting on batteries for the prototypes. I have had two shipments go missing from China. I am beginning to think that they might be being stopped at Customs as Australia Post does not ship them airmail. Very frustrating. 

My solution is to get some of a different battery type from a friend. I should be able to get them in the next week and ship to prototype testers the following week. Thanks for waiting. 

In other news: I have been testing the app in real flight over the last few weeks. It is working better than expected. One other guy that flew with it said he thought the audio vario response and accuracy was better than his commercial competition vario that cost more than $1000. He said it just felt like the audio was more in tune with the lift. My favorite part of the app is the lift-drift display. This is where every point of lift in the last few minutes is plotted on a display and the points are drifted by the calculated wind speed. I have found this really helpful in staying up in light scattered lift and also for re finding thermals you pop out the side of up high as they punch through layers.