Friday 12 August 2022

v22 TTL_GPS firmware updates

This is just a quick post to announce new firmware has been release for the v22 TTL_GPS models:

The update involves a pretty comprehensive rewrite of the serial data processing code to improve performance and remove some bugs. This was needed to ensure compatibility with the Kobo Nia and restore some functions on other Kobo models. The updates include:
  • The Bluefly was overwhelmed with data from the Kobo during startup, which switched off further command processing capacity. This has been fixed and the Bluefly should be responsive. 
  • The Kobo startup code on some models was interfered with by the Bluefly. The startup procedure no sends not data from the Bluefly at all until after the startDelayMS time (default of 2 seconds after power on). 
  • Other minor bug fixes including LX mode output, outputFrequency restoration and shutdown reliability.   
See here for firmware update procedures.