Friday 5 September 2014

Magazine Reviews

A few reviews of the BlueFly varios have been published in the last few weeks. I can't publish the full reviews on the blog, you will have to subscribe to the magazines for that. I have been really impressed that the reviews are full of relevant facts and very positive.

The first review was by Sascha Burkhardt in the August 2014 edition of Thermik, a German language paragliding magazine. Google Translate allowed me to understand just enough of the German; like many Australians I barely speak English.

Next, just a few weeks later, came a review by Richard Sheppard in the digital edition 155 of Cross Country. I think the paper version will be out in the next few days. He reviewed both the bluetooth and ttl versions.

A few other reviewers also have plans to publish articles. All this press means I have been super busy answering questions and shipping varios. I started shipping version 9 of the Bluetooth model a few weeks ago, I should get a chance to blog about it in the next week...