Saturday 8 June 2019

Firmware, Manual, and BFVDesktop updates

Over the last few days I have found a little time to update and rationalize the firmware for all Bluefly models, update the Hardware Settings Manual, and update the BFVDesktop app used for adjusting the settings. I do not find so much time these days to blog about little updates and improvements, but they are always happening in the background.

Firmware Updates

The latest firmware is 12.M23. I have only provided a few firmware updates since releasing each of the v12 models, and only then on a model by model basis. This firmware update consolidates bug fixes and adds a few new features.
  • There is a a new hardware setting quietStart. When set to true then the startup and shutdown beeps do not sound. 
  • The setting startDelayMS described in this post has now been included in all models. 
  • I have added an experimental outputMode (outputMode=7) to simulate the OpenVario protocol
  • A little bug with the temperature output in outputMode=6 has been fixed. 
  • RA7 for GPS reset on the Bluetooth model has been restored. 
  • Some default settings have been changed. 
  • The settings range has been expanded for many settings. 
Bluefly models shipping from mid June 2019 will include this latest firmware. 

I do not recommend updating the firmware unless you need a feature or really need to fix a bug. However, if you feel you want to then see the firmware page on the website and read the Hardware Settings Manual for instructions. After the firmware update don't forget to do the hardware reset procedure by shorting GND and SCL on startup. If you do not do that then you will find that your vario will not start. 

Hardware Settings Manual

The manual has also been updated to include this, and many other changes I did not get around to documenting. Find it here

BFVDesktop application

The BFVDesktop application is used to adjust settings. It has been updated to include the settings described above. Find it here