Tuesday 30 July 2013

Translucent Blue Cases

If you have been following the blog for a while you will know that I have been shipping the BlueFlyVario with the DP5031 prototype cases from SeeedStudio since prototype version 5. It is a great case that very adequately does the job of protecting the components on the board from knocks. Since prototype version 6 the PCB also has clear pvc heatshrink on it to help keep the battery and neoprene in place, and protect the components from dust and sticky fingers. Together the heatshink and prototype case make the device look a little polished, but it still retains the prototype look and feel.

I figured I was ordering quite a few of these cases from Seeed so approached them about getting a large custom order. With the help of Dangerous Prototypes I was able to organise for the cases to be made from translucent blue acrylic. After a few minor challenges the cases arrived earlier this week and I have already shipped a bunch with the current prototype version 6 to fulfill orders from the last week and a half.

A nice thing about the way this custom order was shipped to me from Seeed is that each prototype case came in a robust bag. When combined with a BlueFlyVario this is how it looks when I ship the components.

Not everyone is super comfortable with the prototype case. In a blog post coming up soon I will outline what others have done to design an enclosed case which can be 3D printed.