Friday 24 August 2012

Circuit boards have arrived

I ordered some boards from SeeedStudio for the prototypes. Ten boards no more than 5cm by 5cm for less than $14 delivered to Australia was an offer I had to test out. From ordering to delivery took 18 days. I actually got 11 boards. Below are pics of the Eagle screenshot and the pile of boards with the first one I populated with components. I recovered the RN42 and MS5611 from an earlier prototype so they look  a little heat stressed.

Putting together the prototype with my soda can solder paste stencil and the skillet method took about an hour. Rather than put in the right angle headers for the programmer I just filled in the holes with solder and programmed using some pogo pins in the end of the PICKit2.

Based on the success with the first of these boards prototype I have ordered components to populate the rest of the boards. While I am waiting for these to arrive it will give me time to get back to improving the Android app.