Tuesday 17 May 2011

Initial Production Concepts

My aim is to be able to produce the BlueFlyVario in low rate production for sale to other pilots at a cost of around $50 to $100 per unit (with free software). These are the steps I envisaged:

Already Complete (as of May 2011):
  • Alpha Hardware Prototype 0.1a - Breadboad testing of core components, software development tools, interfaces, etc. (although still not with the MS5611, still using the BMP 085). 
    • Check SPP interfaces through a terminal emulator
  • Alpha Hardware Prototype 0.2a - Integration of the 0.1a prototype components onto a prototype board.
    • Java desktop software for testing the data stream.
    • Java desktop vario software for in-hand waving experiments.
    • Android software for field (and in flight) testing. 
To do:
  • Alpha Hardware Prototype 0.3a - Integration of the MS5611 onto the 0.2a prototype.
  • Beta Hardware Prototype 0.4b - Designing a circuit board and case for a complete SMD solution.
  • Beta Hardware Prototype 0.5b - Make around 5 to 10 prototypes for use by geeky paragliding friends for testing and feedback. These are my production prototypes I want to cost less than $50 in components (including shipping of components to me).
    • Initial beta Android software release
  • Low Rate Initial Production - I intend to be able to do this at home for up to around 100 devices for wider community use. I want this to cost $50 to $100 including production (less labor) and shipping to users.
    • Android software release with source code etc.
I have a logo concept (not so geeky, but still pretty lame). A bluetooth logo on it side (so it looks like a flying something, maybe a cross between a paraglider and fly...) with the spiral of a thermal below it. See the dodgy mock up below.

BlueFlyVario logo mockup